Question from my Mom

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Nov 15 08:07:45 EST 2011

> Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> > If you don't know something, then you also cannot blame. You are
> > protected by your innocence.
> "No, officer. I don't have a license. I never took driving lessons.
>  How can you blame me for this accident ?"
> Shall we call this the "Wolfgang defense" ? ;-)

He, sure :-) But my point was garbled. 'blame' implicates judgment.
Judgment can reasonably only come from a knowledgeable person.
Since we all don't know much about Zipit, we cannot blame it either,
at most we let our emotions flow out a little uncontrolled :-)

But now we are enlightened! Isn't that cool?!

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