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Tue Nov 15 16:20:27 EST 2011

 I'm not sure what you guys "found out", but for the record, me and my 
 Mom returned our zipits and my Mom is thinking of getting a Nanonote. 
 the proprietary battery was too much and it only got 4 hours plus it is 
 more dangerous to flash. The only thing putting her off is one of my 
 complaints too, though I use my Nano. There seems to be little attention 
 to detail both in writing documentation/wikis and in making the 
 applications. For instance, I looked up nupdf on the Qi wiki and tried 
 to follow the instructions for how to add it as an icon to Gmenu2x 
 (another bane) Well the instructions assumed you were using a Dingoo, of 
 all things, and said to press the 'select' key which does not exist on 
 the Ben! After using my own intuition I found that the Ben key for that 
 is F2, but no thanks to the "instructions". This is but one example. I 
 know it may seem picky, but it is somewhat annoying to be able to easily 
 imagine all these doable features that are simply lacking.

 This came up recently with Jlime, both the Nanonote and Jornada 
 versions. The problem I found is that the save feature of the Text 
 Editor is broken, freezing the whole system. How this passed as a 
 release I am terrified to imagine.

 I know the best way to improve things is to learn about how they work, 
 so I do plan to do that. I may be the only one, but my motto recently is 
 "down with Gmenu2x!". Since I come from an artsy background, the 
 constant offense of those icons to my gorgeous wallpaper is inexcusable. 
 I am not sure if Gmenu can be hacked to have no icons, but that would be 
 somewhat pointless.

 Here's to continued improvement...

 On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 13:07:45 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
>> Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
>> > If you don't know something, then you also cannot blame. You are
>> > protected by your innocence.
>> "No, officer. I don't have a license. I never took driving lessons.
>>  How can you blame me for this accident ?"
>> Shall we call this the "Wolfgang defense" ? ;-)
> He, sure :-) But my point was garbled. 'blame' implicates judgment.
> Judgment can reasonably only come from a knowledgeable person.
> Since we all don't know much about Zipit, we cannot blame it either,
> at most we let our emotions flow out a little uncontrolled :-)
> But now we are enlightened! Isn't that cool?!
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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