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On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 03:20:27PM -0600, cenobyte at wrote:
> I know the best way to improve things is to learn about how they
> work, so I do plan to do that. I may be the only one, but my motto
> recently is "down with Gmenu2x!". Since I come from an artsy
> background, the constant offense of those icons to my gorgeous
> wallpaper is inexcusable. I am not sure if Gmenu can be hacked to
> have no icons, but that would be somewhat pointless.
> Here's to continued improvement...

Although I think Gmenu2x is an appropriate UI for the BNN. I think
there is value in exploring other options even if just theroetically.

I use ratpoison as my main window manager on most machines I use. It
would be well suited to the BNN as one of it's main concepts is doing
away with the mouse. I'd love to see it on the BNN but....

It depends on X11 and therefore would not be a trivial port. 

Something "Cleaner" then the current UI would be nice but I lack the
time and Knowlegde to write it. I'm sure others are in a similar boat. 
I have several projects I want to do on the BNN. But I find that life
gets in the way of my ability to code as enthusiastically as I'd like 
(oh, for those carefee teenage years when I'd spend countless hours

If someone knows of a UI that doesn't have X11 depends and is light
enough to fit in Ben's 32Mib I'd gladly spend the time to try porting
it when I can find the time. 

I think that perhaps the community of developers for the BNN need more/
better ways to interact with one another. This list and the irc are
great but with the geographical diversity of the community it can be
difficult to get the kind of energy rolling that the Ben/Ya/?? really
deserve. I'd love to see a Ben hackfest. I'd love to hang with people
and hack on a MM1 even though I have no forseeable use for it (cool kit
is cool kit). I'd love to have an afternoon or 3 of beer chips and BNN
hacking with another Qi enthusiast. But.... Time.... Distance....
Timezones..... etc.  

Does any one have suggestions on how such community building might

o.k. I'm Rambling now.. I agree with cenobyte. the wiki need fixing..
was actually one of my many projects (with possilby a fuller Ben
manual), But... Time... etc <sigh>. I think UI options would be great.
But haven't seen any yet that would be an easy port. Thoughts?

Speaking of Time and Timezones.. about a week (possible more where dooes
the time go) I pushed up some improvements to my ben-time-set script.
It's under the nanobits project section. I'd appreciate feedback on it's
current state as I think it is now close to being an alternative to the
commandline acrobatics currently listed in the wiki to set the
timezone, time and date. If others agree I'd like to amend the wiki to
point to it as an option.

Thanks of listening to my ramblings..


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