Question from my Mom

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Nov 16 02:25:58 EST 2011


those documents stuff is really time consume job. we start a little already (I just updated this section)

there are some apps that someone don't know how to exit. for example:
  'mcabber'  <-- /quit
  'guile'    <-- (exit)

some apps is Ctrl + D, some is Ctrl + Q, Alt + Q, ESC ...
I have no idea how to handle those stuff with 2900+ apps. this page is a
start 'Applications', started by Yi, then people who port app or know them well
will update it. still needs  update. our packages count is grow every month.

maybe we create a package that pick some wiki page from
as document ship will release images? what do you think?

if anyone have idea about documents about Ben Nanonote please help. reply email. :)


On 11/16/2011 05:20 AM, cenobyte at wrote:
> I'm not sure what you guys "found out", but for the record, me and my
> Mom returned our zipits and my Mom is thinking of getting a Nanonote.
> the proprietary battery was too much and it only got 4 hours plus it
> is more dangerous to flash. The only thing putting her off is one of
> my complaints too, though I use my Nano. There seems to be little
> attention to detail both in writing documentation/wikis and in making
> the applications. For instance, I looked up nupdf on the Qi wiki and
> tried to follow the instructions for how to add it as an icon to
> Gmenu2x (another bane) Well the instructions assumed you were using a
> Dingoo, of all things, and said to press the 'select' key which does
> not exist on the Ben! After using my own intuition I found that the
> Ben key for that is F2, but no thanks to the "instructions". This is
> but one example. I know it may seem picky, but it is somewhat
> annoying to be able to easily imagine all these doable features that
> are simply lacking.

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