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Wed Nov 16 16:17:18 EST 2011

 On Wed, 16 Nov 2011 01:23:31 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
>> but my motto recently is "down with Gmenu2x!". Since I come
>> from an artsy background, the constant offense of those icons
>> to my gorgeous wallpaper is inexcusable.
> You are not the only one. Jon keeps telling me at every opportunity
> to have our standard image boot into the console directly and make
> the console more powerful.
> Which now makes me think:
> Can we have a wallpaper background on the console?
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 according to this site
 and a few others I have read,

 aterm -tr

 will run aterm in transparency mode. I am not sure if that will only 
 work under X or not, and then you probably have to have a wallpaper set 
 somewhere else for it to show through.

 framebuffer terminals, according to the Gentoo guys, can have 
 wallpapers set amongst other things.

 I think we already have one such terminal on the Ben.

 I have not looked into it that much, but I think it is possible.

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