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Peter Zotov whitequark at
Thu Nov 17 22:01:28 EST 2011

Wolfgang Spraul писал 18.11.2011 06:39:
> Peter,
> very nice project and initiative! IRC is becoming more important
> for us this year, and I think that will only continue going forward.
> [snip]
> *) eggdrop log files are not utf-8, so the html logs are not global 
> either
> That's a big problem, I would like to get everything to utf-8 asap, 
> but at
> least from my notes it looks like the problem is in eggdrop, before 
> the
> html logger kicks in...

I have interpreted the data in the HTML logs as utf-8, as that's what 
metadata in these pages state. Interestingly, that utf-8 text has some
interesting symbols embedded in it. The sequence \xc0\x0a\xc0\x0a 
quite often. I guess it was \r\n some time ago. Anyway, I've imported 
as-is to not unintentionally break something. My logging agent, being 
in Perl, is UTF-8 compatible. I have plans to rewrite it in Ruby (to 
for realtime streaming of channel data to the browser), which will be 
the same.

> *) the qi-bot could provide a way for people to opt-out of the 
> logging
> it could maintain a per-channel list of nicks that don't want to be 
> logged

Currently, all messages containing the string [off] (with the brackets) 
not logged. I'm not sure how to make a secure and robust opt-out 

> For the log view, yours definitely looks great. Can you make it more 
> friendly
> to super simple browsers like text browsers or Netsurf? Do you have 
> css hooks
> or so that allow easy 'framing' such as we have on downloads for 
> example?
> - notice that we do not have that on 

Netsurf is a weird RISC OS browser isn't it? I guess someone has ported 
it on NN.
Anyway, my irclog works just fine in both netsurf and lynx, and 
degrades gracefully.

I don't quite understand what do you mean by "css hooks", but it's 
super easy
to add something like /channel/yyyy-mm-dd.embed, which will be 
The downloads link doesn't seem to be iframed through.

> I think you should run your logs in parallel to the irclog2html on 
> the Qi
> servers for a while, then we learn about the good and bad details.

Sure. It's only 3 days old.

> I have
> no problem in switching the logger on Qi from irclog2html to yours, 
> but we
> need to consider what to do with old links, for example
> (direct link to an entry, actually irclog2html doesn't allow linking 
> to a
> particular line, finest granularity seems 'minute' which is a minor 
> issue)
> (link to a search query)

Well, HTML links can be trivially made a redirect on the 
proxy level with a simple rewrite (map qi-hardware_2011-11-17.log.html
to, and, if that's 
a trivial JS may be added to redirect to correct line. (By the way, 
timestamps are UNIX ones). The search link even has the same syntax.

> That's all that comes to my mind right now.
> Again: Nice project and thanks a lot for remembering your Qi friends 
> and
> offering help.
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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