Bridging ether-usb to a wireless NIC

Delbert Franz ddf at
Thu Nov 17 23:31:54 EST 2011

I spent some hours this afternoon attempting to connect the Ben to the 
Internet via a bridge to a wireless NIC.  There seemed to be rather 
complete instructions for Debian, what I have running on my netbook.  
However, something was not correct and I could not get things to work.  

Has anyone on the list been successful in doing that?  Clearly it is 
quite a bit more complex than using a bridge to a standard NIC for a 
cable connection.  

I'm interested in getting this working because I want to replace my 
seven-year old laptop with a newer version, perhaps an ultrabook.  
Several of the recent models announced do not have an ethernet port.  
Of course, I can plug in a usb ethernet atdapter, I already do that 
with the XO from OLPC project.  However, it would be nice to be able 
to dispense with that.  

Thanks for any pointers or experiences. 


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