both my MicroSd cards not working

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Fri Nov 18 00:20:01 EST 2011

 I thought I would post this asap to get help. Yesterday my 4gb Microsd 
 would not mount in my laptop which I found odd. It said 'cannot mount, 
 bad fstype, or something and to see dmesg tail or something like that. 
 Today I put an ogv file onto my 2gb mSd and the Nanonote refused to 
 mount it saying error -145

 ! Odd! very mysteriously the 2gb one will mount as I am writing this... 
 I will follow up if the problem persists

 Aside from that, I got a SanDisk Sansa clip+ which 1) will read 
 ogg/flac, which is awesome and 2) can take a Micro SD. I am imagining it 
 only reads Fat32, so can I read fat32 Micro Sd's on the Nano? If so, 

 Thanks a bunch to all you hackers!

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