New IRC logger

Peter Zotov whitequark at
Fri Nov 18 07:31:39 EST 2011

Freemor писал 18.11.2011 15:51:
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 07:01:28AM +0400, Peter Zotov wrote:
>> >*) the qi-bot could provide a way for people to opt-out of the
>> >logging
>> >it could maintain a per-channel list of nicks that don't want to
>> >be logged
>> Currently, all messages containing the string [off] (with the
>> brackets) are
>> not logged. I'm not sure how to make a secure and robust opt-out
>> feature.
> Great work on all this. Thanks for the time and effort.
> Was thinking that a good way for people to opt-out of logging
> would be to simply ammend their nick with a suffix i.e. "Freemor" for
> regular everyday "Freemor_dnl" to not be logged. Then all the bot 
> needs
> to do is drop any messages from such nicks. just a thought
> Regards,
> Freemor


   WBR, Peter Zotov.

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