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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Nov 18 21:27:17 EST 2011

nice to hear from you!

Your email came out formatted a little strangely, let me first
repost it...

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 11:28:22PM +0400, Hoteev Sergey wrote:
> Hello all! I'm the admin of, the site about Free
> Engeneering Software. I once came across a mailing list of
> kicad-developers, where I saw a letter referring to your program:
> I wanted to write an article about it, so that more people would
> learn about the new capabilities of kicad. But unfortunately I can
> not run the program. Are your changes transferred to the official
> source tree? If not, where can I get a patched version of kicad?
> Am I doing it right? I created a folder with the project, like
> this:
>  mkdir git_kicad
>  cd git_kicad
>  git init
> Then I created the kicad project and the scheme  (git_kicad.bak
> git_kicad-cache.bak git_kicad-cache.lib git_kicad.sch),
> and added it to the circuit chip:
>  git add
>  git_kicad git commit -am "first step"
> Now that I've changed the scheme (added new components) and set up
> another commit -
>  git add git_kicad
>  git commit -am "second step"
> and run your program, ./schhist2web ~/current_work/git_kicad/ git_kicad.sch
> ~ what actually needs to happen, and what should I do then?
> Sincerely, Sergei (aka Valber)

schhist is one of the many gems of Werner Almesberger, a source of
infinite inspiration in our Qi hardware community.

You want to write an article about it? GREAT!
You want to test the software yourself before writing about it? WOOW!

That's really rare, and of course that's a great thing to do. Running
schhist locally on your computer will not be super easy though, I think
the steps you tried took you in the wrong direction.

schhist depends on a set of command line patches to KiCad which we
unfortunately haven't properly maintained this year, neither are they
upstreamed yet.
The best is if you follow the documentation on how we setup schhist
on the Qi projects server. The results are at

The setup behind those pages is documented here

Can you try that? If you read over those steps a little and follow
locally you should be able to get it working. And in the process you
will understand schhist and KiCad much better. The currently stale
patches are here, if you could find anyone interested in upleveling
or upstreaming this - even better.

Cheers, thanks for your interest in schhist!

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