Nanonote sales to date?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Nov 23 03:19:17 EST 2011

> A thought occurred to me- are there still 1500 or so Nanonotes in
> circulation? I am wondering how many precious Nano's are floating
> across the globe.

Yes, sales are slow (5-10 / month) so it's still around 1300.
And yes, they are precious :-) I think I will move to the next level
of using mine, and move my irc/jabber and email to it (networked via
my notebook). That should be fun! :-)

> By the way, come xmas time I am ordering another to cast my vote for
> non-intel and for Freedom as a sustainable future! Hats off to Qi!

Definitely. I should write up some thoughts for the next steps in
another mail, I'm just hopelessly behind the new news, so that first...

Thanks a lot for the Christmas gift!

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