New OpenWrt Release: stable 2011-11-13

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Wed Nov 23 09:44:47 EST 2011

>>>>> "Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:

>> Anything wrong with "--chanels 2 --samplerate 44100"?  Worked for me,

> Which version of ffmpeg2theora are you using?

> I think it's a problem with the ffmpeg2theora or libraries version on
> my Debian machine. First I got a "downsampling from more than 2
> channels not supported" error, or something like that. Then I updated
> ffmpeg2theora to the latest unstable Debian, and now it seems to
> accept "6 >= 2", but the next line is already a segmentation fault :-)

Hmm, I manually installed (from source) libtheora 1.2.0alpha1 and
ffmpeg2theora 0.28.  Ffmpeg2theora checked out and compiled its own
version of ffmpeg (release 0.7) during build (just like mplayer in our
nanonote firmware, if you remember these hiccups).


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