Nanonote sales to date?

Victor Remolina vremolina at
Thu Nov 24 09:59:11 EST 2011

Hi all,

Some constructive comments, just from my point of view... and maybe a
little bit affected by fever ;)

I agree with Christoph, market are growing so fast, strongly related to
connectivity, and NanoNote is calling for new challenges.

I know the software development had grown and a lot of software had been
proted to NanoNote although the increible hardware hacks born in the
project... GREAT !!!, but I think the hardware itself is blocking most of
the project potential.

At this time, two years (aprox.) of NanNote in the market, I think a
campaing could increase the sales, but not as much as we need to go further
on the NanoNote evolution.

By this time we can assure connectivity is not necessary, is mandatory on
every project (including Open Source projects), and we are falling behind,
How many people ask for it?... at least 90% of people who plan to buy one.

I know this point was large disccused before, and I don't want to reopen
the topic. I want to ask for a new strategy to obtain resources, because we
need to boost NanoNote evolution.

- Donnations
- Shares
- Participations
- Invite a Dev to dinner on Christmast 8P

Other way is to take profit about all the knowledge wa have about this
platform to create/produce a final user product to win money for the
project... I don't know, maybe a simplified NanoNote could be a better base
for toys than a Complicated Hacked NanoNote a base for automation, for

I hope you see my point.

Jon, any idea?

Best regards and thans a lot for your time
2011/11/24 Christoph Pulster <Christoph at>

> > Maybe some focus on specific functionality could really boost the
> > sales?
> Good but no new idea:
> The way to bigger sales are business project customers.
> We are living in a iAndroid world, the bunch of Linux geeks left on the
> planet is too small to have financial success with a Open Source
> product. So what we need is a company who is open minded enough to base
> their solution on the Nanonote. The physical keyboard wants to be used
> for data entry on the road (I refer to the Psion PDA success story).
> Second thing, without communication interface you have no chance on the
> market. Wifi and/or GSM is a must. With non-standards as WPAN are no
> company doors to open.
> Finally I see two products where Nanonote can grap some customers:
> - retro gaming gadget "Pandora", many month of announcement and no
> delivered hardware. Port some emulators and make a nice GUI.
> - open source, backdoor-free mobile phone "Openmoko". Some GSM support
> needed (mSD/USB-GSM adapter, headset).
> Christoph
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