Nanonote sales to date? (functionality marketing message)

Victor Remolina vremolina at
Thu Nov 24 17:28:43 EST 2011

Hi Elena,

Unfortunately no one of the nice things you mention a NanoNote can do are
into the list of no technical people or Geeks.

But there is a special thing no other hardware can do at this time...

!!! change the uSD and converts NanoNote in a totally differnt hardware !!!

I mean, only by changing the uSD you can convert your NanoNote in a Game
Console, Media Player, Lesson trainer, everithing you want downloading an
image and booting the NanoNote.

Why do not think on this way?, for example creating a place on the web,
where you can choose between the existings applications for NanoNote,
packaging them, downloading or sharing it with your friends.

If the hardware is Open, Why not to show no technical people the meaning of
fredom? Alowing them create their own Distro by an easy way and the
benefits on working with Open Source tools.

At the end, as was said, we have a marketing issue, but not on the NanoNote
itself just on how we present the project to the mass.

Why Arduino sell so much?, it's not because the fredoom of the hardware (In
most cases), because more of the people thinking on use it to create
somenthing to sell or keep in secret ;) . Arduino works fine because is
simple, well explained and makes you fell like a Titan by making a led turn

On my first try with a NanoNote the first I think after flashing was "OK,
now I can go to sleep" XD

I'm sure painting NanoNote on pink, flashing with a "Cotton Candy" distro
full of princesses tales, images and songs, and calling it "The Little
Princess Secret Diary" we will sell at least another 1500 units by this
christmast. Please don't get angry with me this is a Marketing example.

Thanks again

2011/11/24 Elena ``of Valhalla'' <elena.valhalla at>

> On 2011-11-23 at 12:31:19 -0500, Ernest Kugel wrote:
> > Hi, looking at the Nanonote sales, not saying I'm disappointed, but,
> > this thing should be selling way more. The device is great, so this
> > could be purely a marketing problem. One marketing problem is that
> > the nanonote is universal - you can use it for almost anything.
> I hate to say this, but what can the nanonote do that
> a 100 EUR android phone can't do (better)?
> Most mainstream people won't choose between buying said phone
> and buying the nanonote, they will already have said phone
> (or a better one) and need a good reason to buy something
> that mostly does a subset of what they can already do.
> I don't believe this can be solved this with marketing, unless
> we have access to apple-scale marketing resources and
> we are able to create a need that wasn't there before.
> On the other hand, there are a few, possibly niche, things
> that the nanonote can do and no 100 EURO smartphone on the market can;
> in random order.
> * Be free.
> * Enable further work in a project that promises to build a
>  better computing world.
> * Allow to build innovative devices based on a working, open
>  base (this is still not totally feasible, however, AFAIK)
> * Be hackable.
> * Be useful for learning (here the limitations are a bonus,
>  not a problem).
> * Stimulate creativity (as above: with connectivity nobody
>  would have worked on the atben).
> --
> Elena ``of Valhalla''
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