Nanonote sales to date? (functionality marketing message)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Nov 24 20:31:12 EST 2011

I cannot remember you posting here - so first: Welcome to this list!
Then you start with such a nice report of how you use your Ben. Cool.

> I do not know how large of a market there is for people like me.
> It would be nice to see the sales build.

They will. The key is to make the device work better for ourselves
first, and we have this list and IRC chat to exchange our experiences
and plans towards that.

> I am a teacher and use it to collect and calculate grades as I teach.
> I have set up a database using sqlite3 and use scripts to input
> grades as I circulate around the room looking at student work.

A very vivid description. How will this make your students perceive the
Ben NanoNote though? :-)
Reading your usage of the Ben makes me want to make sure we have a
100% stable firmware, no hangs, crashes, memory corruptions we cannot
recover from, surprises.

If you have any suggestions of software you would like to see ported to
the Ben, not only names but also simply ideas for what kind of software
you would like to see, please email this list.
We continue on the foundations (bootloader, kernel, build system, libraries),
and I think for myself over the next months I will try to help with a better
backup, encryption and update process.

Thanks a lot for reporting back on your NanoNote usage, we built the device
for people like you and it's rewarding to hear back.
Good luck working with your students, Cheers,

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