Nanonote sales to date? (functionality marketing message)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Nov 24 20:50:12 EST 2011


> the fact the Nanonote *software* is a random collection of whatever
> we could port. I love this fact, there is nothing wrong
> which functionality should we focus on, and how could we get a few
> people to hammer on a project until its done instead of focusing
> solely on random bits?

Yeah, well. I agree and don't. I think everybody prefers less and better
working apps over more and buggier ones. When I go through new/unknown
(to me) NanoNote apps, I see bugs everywhere. So I can understand the
"random ports" feeling.

But then I also think it's not that random actually, otherwise the Ben
today would never boot, run stable, play music and videos, etc. And we
have been able to come out with regular and improving software releases.

The difficulty is in getting more people to come together, polish the
NanoNote firmware in its many loose ends, increase quality. All that
without increasing our maintenance overhead, i.e. with 100% upstream

> Maybe some focus on specific functionality could really boost the
> sales? For instance, we could choose to focus a bit on gaming

Would you like to see more games on the Ben? Which ones? I think
you are on dangerous ground if you push yourself to follow some
cold theory that you think others will like. Sooner or later you
will hate yourself for not succeeding and stop.

The most convincing way to get someone to buy a product you know
and use already is if you radiate your happiness with that product.


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