Nanonote sales to date?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Nov 25 02:50:11 EST 2011

Victor Remolina wrote:
> By this time we can assure connectivity is not necessary, is mandatory on
> every project

Connectivity is a problem. There is still way too much hacking and
slashing going on in the mobile telephony market for much hope for
a reasonably open solution anytime soon. You could get GSM, but
that's already obsolete in various areas.

WLAN is a bit better, but last time I checked, the chips suitable
for small mobile devices were still being kept a secret.

Alternatives like IEEE 802.15.4 or even Bluetooth have the problem
that they have little to connect to. Particularly if what you're
looking for is Internet access while on the go.

But perhaps we can turn this around. What would be scenarios where
communication is outright undesirable ? There, applications that
require a high degree of security come to mind. One would be a
password safe. The current keyboard is also reasonably close to
what you'd want if designing a single-function device for a
password safe.

- Werner

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