[Led Power Supply] project from Deng Ya Nuo

Adam Wang adam at sharism.cc
Fri Nov 25 07:25:55 EST 2011

Hi list and Ya Nuo,

Since there's one project hosted by Deng Ya Nuo, I temporarily named it as
"Led Power Supply" here; If Ya Nuo thinks it's not good to fully express
it. You can just correct. :-)

I cleaned up and copied some v1.0 files under:

A quick way to know what features/functions it have, see:

V1.0 demo pictures:

V1.0 video:

>From your txt boms, I tried to put all parts's datasheet link:
Haven't finished all, just needs some feedback from you; then couples days
I can fill them all up. ;-)
u403 main board bom is made:
u401 is small so not filled them up yet.

*some feedback for u403*:


1. placing four mechanical holes at each corner on board is good to
assemble with case if need.

2. placing terminal blocks(Test Point)'s front hole can be parallel with
board edge to equip with future possible use case.

e.g. LTP3, LPT5



   From http://www.irf.com/ there's only two options about IRF350:


  one is AUIRF3504, Automotive Q101 40V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power
MOSFET in a TO-220AB Package, the other is IRF350, 400V Single N-Channel
Hi-Rel MOSFET in a TO-204AE package. But from your v1.0 mounted picture,
you indeed used TO-220 package not TO-204, so I am wondering what the real
p/n is you're using? or do you have that datasheet?

If you bought them from ShenZheng incredible small electronic markets,
there may have a lot vendors that they don't provide datasheet that met to
your real part.


   U26, U27: what brand and p/n?

   U28, U29: TL431, what brand and p/n?

   C30 ~ C41: there's no 0805 package with 22pF @ 25V general purpose
   capacitor in YAGEO and TDK categories, so I suggest to arise the rating
   voltage to 50V then easily to source.

   C1 ~ C9: 16V or 25V? 1000UF or 680uF? What's the final voltage you want?

   All VCs the pitch of lead has 10mm and 20mm width co-layouted.

   VC1, VC4, VC5:

   you reserved two differences of footprint for lead pitch, 10mm and 20mm
   width. Actually this still have another option is 15mm pitch for lead.

   For example:

   Panasonic ECQU2A104KLA:


 this vendor also have:


YC1's footprint now is about 12.5mm lead spacing/pitch,

a option is Murata DE2E3KH222MA3B


but this type is 7.5mm only. If you've got real part number on hand from
you, let me know so that I can find substitudes.


   I didn't find R94. Could you point me?

   1206 1R should be only 40pcs not 60pcs

*feedback for u401*


       1. placing four mechanical holes at each corner on board is good to
assemble with case if need.

       2. R1 collides with VC2 capacitor. There's two footprints
co-layouted together, not sure which final type you'll use.

       3. R23 collides with TR2 transformer's footprint, since there's no
datasheet of TR2 I can see, so if you have it then a review can be helpful.

       4. The AC line traces may being large for real needs.

       5. How do you think to connect u401with u403? Do you think they can
be hooked together in stack way?

Since you're working on V2.0, if any info revised or updated above in V2.0,
no need to reply soon. Thanks.

Hope one in list here can also bring some more idea or comments to you.



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