Nanonote sales to date?

Hans Marius Andresen hmandresen at
Fri Nov 25 08:11:50 EST 2011

> But perhaps we can turn this around. What would be scenarios where
> communication is outright undesirable ? There, applications that
> require a high degree of security come to mind. One would be a
> password safe. The current keyboard is also reasonably close to
> what you'd want if designing a single-function device for a
> password safe.
> - Werner
> While I realize my situation is somewhat particular, it does highlight one
such scenario:
At work anything containing a transmitter is banned, as is any device that
can easily connect to a Windows PC (like most music players these days).
The Nanonote suits me perfectly, since it can't connect to Windows, nor
contains a transmitter. That way I'm the only one at work so far that can
plug something into my noise cancelling headphones and enjoy a bit of music
during coffee breaks and down times :P

I would also been able to use it as a password safe, if it hadn't been for
the strict rule not to write any passwords down ever, ever, ever!

Hans M
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