need for a minimal WM on Ben

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Fri Nov 25 23:33:36 EST 2011

 I know Wolfgang mentioned that StumpWM was not very useful, but I beg 
 to differ. Both Ratpoison and StumpWM let us do what Gmenu2x cannot- 
 that is to grab windows and move them around. That way we can "pan" 
 around the ones that are too big. This would be helpful at least for 
 gjay, and any other progam that needs more than QVGA to be useful. It 
 actually renders the small screen size much less of a problem, if not no 
 problem at all. Not only that, with no stinky icons, you can actually 
 enjoy looking at your wallpaper. Not to mention side by side window 
 panes for dual pdf reading, etc.

 I say even if it is for geeks only, we should have ratpoison, stumpwm, 
 or both.
 I am not sure which is preferable, only that ratpoison is written in C 
 and Stumpwm in Lisp.

 I am also not sure if they use less memory than Gmenu2x, but they 
 should be faster.

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