need for a minimal WM on Ben

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sat Nov 26 02:40:47 EST 2011

>>>>> "Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:

>> I say even if it is for geeks only, we should have ratpoison,
>> stumpwm, or both.

> But we need one that's not on top of X.

Hmm, you can have virtual frame-buffers on Linux, i.e. framebuffers that
don't correspond to a real screen.  The linux vfb driver could be
compiled as a module and loaded on demand.  Then we'd only need a small
userspace-app that allows one to see the small virtual fb by copying
parts to the real framebuffer.

OTOH we could also just modify the jz47xx hardware framebuffer driver to
allow virtual screen resolutions greater than the real display's
resolution, then use 'fbset' to switch to modes greater 320x240.  Not
sure how the scrolling would then be done, though (another userspace-app
that sends ioctl() to /dev/fb0, I guess).


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