need for a minimal WM on Ben

Freemor freemor at
Sat Nov 26 20:54:35 EST 2011

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 02:54:58PM +0800, Jon Phillips wrote:
> Commandline and screen still I think are best for nanonote
> jon at

I also think there is value in exploring this. At least as a toggleable
option. Easy enough to have an /etc/defaults/gui file where a user could
easily uncomment the appropriate line to chose: Console, Gmenu2x (no
sense losing all the good work done here), other ratpoison like option,

I think it would not be to hard to generate some menu scripts ala INX ( ). The scripts probably wouldn't be to hard
to adapt for the BNN.

With all the talk in the "Ben Sales" thread I do think there is a
definite niche that the Ben could fill as a Secure device. We could work
on a Ben SE (secure edition) that could include features like encrypted
partitions. passwords to login, etc. I already use my Ben as a semi
secure device ( I use Vi encryption to keep various info on the Ben but
safely encrypted (current Vi supports Blowfish)). 

Anyways, just my two cents worth on the current discussions..


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