Problems setting up mpd on the nanonote - no files found

Niels Felsted Thorsen nift at
Wed Nov 30 04:10:26 EST 2011

Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at> writes:

> Hi
> I try install mpd in 2011-11-13 image. it not included in image.
> have to manually install by:
>   opkg install mpd.
> attach is my /etc/mpd.conf. then I
>   mkdir -p /root/mpd/playlists
>   mkdir /root/music
>   cp /usr/share/listener/*.wav /root/music
>   mpd
>   mpc update
>   mpc listall | mpc add
>   mpc play
> works just fine. don't know why the .ogg file can play by mpd. needs look into detail.

Ah, wav files also work here. 


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