Requests while I get on my feet...

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Sun Oct 2 20:28:45 EDT 2011

 Hello all,
 I have recently switched to LibreWRT in hopes of getting a better 
 understanding of the basics of building an image, etc. and hoped I could 
 get all the programs currently not in Qi's OpenWRT to run. While I have 
 had a lot of fun building the images several times, I tried to write a 
 Makefile for something as simple as GNU Typist and it failed flat on its 
 face. For that reason, I request that my to-do list of small programs be 
 considered for inclusion in the Qi-OpenWrt version. The programs are:
 Gnu Typist

 This may not be a program, but I need a way to change the keymap to 
 (for now) Colemak layout. I was not succesful doing this in LibreWRT.

 Note that I am not part of any particular "camp" and hope LibreWRT, 
 OpenWRT, nanonixos, Debian, Jlime, and all other future candidates can 
 work together, as a community really should. After all, this is the Free 

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