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Mon Oct 3 14:54:43 EDT 2011

> I have not been able to get Colemak to work on the Ben, but I plan to
> use it. Even with thumb typing in qwerty and by my crude kitchen-timer
> tests, I was getting about 20-23 wpm with just thumbs. I also want to
> get Colemak on the Ben just for the hack value. In that light, Dvorak
> would be good too, and maybe we could invent a layout at Qi that is
> optimized for thumb typing. Using Gtypist, I could easily see which
> layout gave me best results over time. I have switched to Colemak
> since about a year ago on all my other computers.

Hi Cenobyte,

if you search the mailinglist archives, I think we already had a thread
about changing keyboard layouts (to dvorak).  IIRC at least Kyak made
his ben work with a russian layout, so colmak & dvorak should be

Last time the topic came up, I also pointed out, that the Emacs-Editor
has a dvorak layout input method.  Being an input method, the changed
layout only applies to typing, though and not to any of the emacs
shortcuts (which may actually be a feature, given that shortcuts are
optimized by key location).  In Emacs, just type:

<Esc> x set-input-method <Ret> english-dvorak <Ret> 

Here are some mailinglist archive mails that come up via Google.   There
should be more, though.

Ah, and here are the files that magically make the Ben work with russian
layout.  Maybe this could be used as a basis for implementing

I.e. "" changes keymap of the current console, using the
keymap "  I'd think that all the other font-changing and
unicode encoding hacks are unneccessary for english layouts.


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