Proof we should consider csound on the Ben

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Sun Oct 9 15:50:16 EDT 2011

 Someone mentioned maybe csound would not be good for the Ben, since it 
 has no FPU. However, there is evidence that some hacker had csound 
 working on the sharp zaurus as early as 2003:
 from towards the 
 bottom- [04.02.03]
 B.M.Moran releases Csound for the Sharp Zaurus

 At Last... Csound in Your Pocket!

 I believe the model he was talking about was the SL-5500 or 5600. which 
 is either an 206mhz arm or 400 Mhz xburst.

 Even if it runs slowly, we would still have a good synthesis 
 programming language on the Ben... perhaps now it will not seem so 
 impossible. And since it is a pre-compiled language, at least the sounds 
 you created would not lag.


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