Failed battery hack- analysis?

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Mon Oct 10 21:36:35 EDT 2011

 I just tried the following :
 cut 2 lengths of headphone wire about 3 in. long. Then I stripped a 
 good length with a knife, finding that there was both a bronzey colored 
 wire and a reddish one. So I got my Motorola 3.7v 910 Mah battery with 
 disaligned contacts. I taped the ends of each wire to the correponding + 
 and - contacts of the battery- or so I assume since there were 4 of them 
 but the outer 2 seemed to be labeled + and - . then I threaded the other 
 2 ends around the corresponding little eyelets on the Ben. I pushed the 
 power button (having rotated the setup) and got nothing. Where did I go 
 wrong? I appreciate constructive criticism.

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