Failed battery hack- analysis?

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Tue Oct 11 01:46:41 EDT 2011

 On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 01:41:54 -0300, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> cenobyte at wrote:
>> So you mean to say that headphone wire is a legitimate electrical
>> connector?
> Sure. You're not running excessive currents or high voltages
> through it, so it should be quite adequate.
>> Does it matter that I touched both color wires of each one to
>> the terminals?
> Hmm, not entirely sure what you mean. As long as there's one
> wire from + to +, the other from - to -, and none between +
> and -, this should work, though.

 This may be my problem. When I cut one strand of wire, there are 
 already 2 types of wire, copper and red/green. Maybe I should use THOSE 
 2 instead of 2 separate strands of 2?
>> and should I have used electrical tape instead of
>> scotch tape?
> The tape may be the problem. Not the kind of tape but whether
> it actually pushes the exposed wire sufficiently against the
> contact. Rubber bands may be more reliable.
> Likewise, wire apparently wound around the Ben's battery
> terminals can in fact have an air gap. If you can arrange both
> wires such that they are under light mechanical tension, that
> may help to make the connection more reliable.

 I figured as much about the tension and give the wires a slight pull 
 before starting
>> BTW the reading on the battery is 3.9-4V
> That should be plenty. You can also verify with the voltmeter
> that the voltage doesn't drop excessively when reaching the
> Ben's battery terminals. (E.g., because of some problem with
> the cable or because the battery is unhappy.)

 After trying and failing the 2nd time I thought the wires were 
 inadequate, but maybe it's that I have 4- 2 to + and 2 to -. I did try 
 the few seconds charging you mentioned and that did not work...will try 
 again tomorrow, thanks for all the help.

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