Failed battery hack- analysis?

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Tue Oct 11 14:55:39 EDT 2011

 On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 20:27:16 +0200, EdorFaus wrote:
> On 10/11/2011 07:46 AM, cenobyte at wrote:
>>>> Does it matter that I touched both color wires of each one to
>>>> the terminals?
>> This may be my problem. When I cut one strand of wire, there are 
>> already
>> 2 types of wire, copper and red/green. Maybe I should use THOSE 2
>> instead of 2 separate strands of 2?
> Let me see if I understand you correctly: you have two lengths of
> headphone wire, both of them with two wires in it (one not-insulated
> plain copper, and one insulated (with a color)), and you have
> connected both wires of one length to + on the battery and + on the
> Ben, and both wires of the other length to - on the battery and - on
> the Ben? And neither length is connected to the other?
> If so, this should not be a problem in itself, as long as there is an
> electrical connection - but you should only really need one wire for
> each of + and -, so you could instead use just one length and e.g.
> connect the uninsulated wire to - on both, and the insulated one
> (after stripping some of its insulation) to + on both.
> Or if you prefer to use two lengths, you could connect just one wire
> from each (e.g. the uninsulated copper wire).
> In either case you need to be careful so that + and - don't touch
> each other anywhere - there must be some isolation between the two.
> One thing you can try is, after connecting the wires to the battery,
> measure the other ends of the wires to see if there's a good voltage
> there. If not, there either isn't a good connection between the wires
> and the battery, or (at least one of) the wires is broken.
> To figure out which wire has the problem, you can measure between the
> other end of the + wire and the - connector on the battery (or vice
> versa), if that gives a good voltage then that wire should be OK.
> Once you've connected the wires to the Ben, you can measure on its
> contacts to see if there's a good voltage there - if there is, you
> should be good to go (as long as you haven't gotten + and - 
> reversed).

 Oh ok I did not know I have to strip the colored wire because that 
 means insulation. I will try again using only 2 wires. Thanks
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