Milkymist as set top box

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at
Tue Oct 11 19:58:58 EDT 2011

Jon Phillips <jon at> writes:
> Hi I now have a girlfriend. Therefore I want to do irrational things
> like sit on a couch with my laptop and play downloaded videos from
> my computer and then have them magically appear on a big tv across
> the room that also has speakers attached to it, while not annoying
> my girlfriend to the point she gets up and leaves.

I've seen this sort of thing done a couple of ways with audio,
one being what I do in my house:

I think VLC can do audio+video streaming over RTP, but without
the inter-room synchronisation. I don't how (or even if) MM1
fits into this picture, though.

Another way is a neat hack that I saw at a bug-squashing party at MIT:

I don't see MM1 playing any special role in that either, though.

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