Milkymist as set top box

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Oct 11 21:30:27 EDT 2011

thanks a lot for your links, very enlightening as usual!

One thing struck me

> the inter-room synchronisation. I don't how (or even if) MM1
> fits into this picture, though.
> I don't see MM1 playing any special role in that either, though.

Definitely, M1 won't play any role today. Jon is thinking in many
directions to find new friends, a good understanding of M1 today
and where it might go tomorrow.

I very much see Milkymist One not only as the video synthesizer we
sell it as now, but also as a general purpose computer. The most
exciting computer in the world right now, imho. Yes sure, some
features here and there are missing (read: hundreds), but what's
better than building something new? As a hacker or entrepreneur,
this is the computer to be involved with today.

We need to work on better documentation around Milkymist to explain
why it's such a unique and promising starting point for many
low-power high-performance embedded computing products, and why
it's worthwhile to join the fun.

As a next small baby step for me, I will hook one up to my home
router and let it run and think about what it could do for me.
Maybe I need to purchase a second unit from and for myself :-)

Thanks again for sharing your links and feedback, very appreciated!

P.S.: BTW, Milkymist One sales are going quite well, even though we
didn't have a real launch yet. Approaching 30 units and rising, I
will provide an exact number once the dust settles a bit.
Get yours for 499 USD at

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