Colemak issue

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Sun Oct 16 00:51:36 EDT 2011

 I have downloaded the colemak.iso15.kmap and have tried to load it in 
 OpenWRT by typing 'loadkeys colemak.iso15.kmap. I have tried it 
 unqualified, and with the -b and -d options and I get this error:
 Loading colemak.iso15.kmap
 loadkeys: colemak.iso15.kmap:6: cannot open include file qwerty-layout

 Am I approaching it wrong? By the way, both the files mentioned in the 
 loadkeys manual /usr/share/keymaps/
 and /usr/src/linux/drivers/char are not applicable to the Ben. Perhaps 
 this is why loadkeys is not useful.

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