M1 unboxing/demo video

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Thu Oct 20 07:52:01 EDT 2011

S?bastien Bourdeauducq wrote:
> I just made an little unboxing/demo video of the M1:

Heh, great idea ! A few comments/impressions:

- the fast motion looks good for the actual unboxing, but it makes
  the act of connecting look nervous and fumbly

- the looting of the box looks like a purpose in itself. It would
  be clearer if you'd interleave this with what the items you've
  removed actually do (e.g., what they are and where they connect)

- the long silence at the beginning made me reach for my audio
  controls, turn the volume up, then resign myself to being treated
  to a soundless clip

- the scope-with-hand made me think

  - "what signal is the scope showing (and why don't I see it) ?"

  - "he's gesturing nervously, but I can't hear his explanations"

- it may also a bit intimidating that the first out of the box
  interaction would be the patch editor ...

> The last part certainly could be much better, e.g. by replacing it
> with footage of the complete setup and party.

Yeah, the "show" sequence really wants a cut from about mid-point
of the first "Sebastien on black and white" scene (there's a change
in music at about 02:10 where the visuals almost don't change) to a
couple of seconds of colorful party.

Maybe have a quick party scene shot at the very beginning, before
the unboxing, with people half asleep, yawning, all in sepia. Then
the cool VJ comes with the M1 box, etc.

The camera effect after 02:39 lacks color, too. The lack of color
is a general problem with the camera input. Amplifying existing
color contrast may be difficult, but how about tossing some
artefacts with strong colors into the images ?

For those who haven't seen it yet, this is what the competition
is doing:


- Werner

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