Ben/Ya Nanonote

lee jones slothpuck at
Thu Oct 27 18:17:33 EDT 2011

> The current ben nanonote ( I do have one ) can very nearly replace
> my two most used current devices, a sansa fuze v2 and a nokia n900
> phone. I don't really use my nanonote very much though as normally
> either I'm at my desktop PC or I have those two devices with me. The
> ben nanonote can *almost* replace 'em, just wish it had usb host on!

>My recommendation would be to just have the Ben replace the Sansa Fuze
>(the Sansa *also* lacks USB host mode, doesn't it...?). :)

> Also did anyone ever manage to get rockbox to run on the nanonote?

> I think that job is still available, if you want it ;)

>Personally, after getting GJay working as a queue-manager for MPD
>on my Nanonote, I've found it to be quite a delightful replacement
>for the Rockbox device I was previously using. Whether the same
>would be true for you probably depends on which rockbox features
>are most dear to you, though.

One thing I'd miss is the built in FM radio which is in the sansa (and the
ability to record off it!)
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