mesa 3d on Ben?

Peter Zotov whitequark at
Mon Oct 31 17:35:24 EDT 2011

cenobyte at писал 31.10.2011 21:49:
> Thanks for the heads-up, if no one integrates this into OpenWRT, I
> will for sure in my own image I'm working on. I did not find any
> screenshots.
> Do you think this would perform better than opengles?
> I am essentially trying to build a studio-in-my-palm which includes
> creative programs that are lightweight like csound, aseprite, povray,
> jdkdrum, and, with some type of 3d, maybe a polygon modeller like
> wings3d.
> Thank a lot.

OpenGL ES is a standard. TinyGL is an implementation, through it does 
even try to conform to any of the existing standards. It is, eh, 
as "good enough most of the time for some tasks".

Looking further at it, I see that tinygl requires floating point 
AFAIK Ben does not have an FPU. The software emultaion is horribly 
moreover, anything even remotely near to an OpenGL implementation will 
an FPU. So you may be out of luck here.

I am quite sure that fixed-point 3D libraries for embedded systems do 
but the interface certainly will not be compatible to OpenGL.

   WBR, Peter Zotov.

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