Nanonote keyboard rebuild

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Thu Sep 1 13:17:55 EDT 2011

 Hello everyone,
 I just rebuilt my Nanonote keyboard (the one Jane gave me). I used 
 silicone and since I lost a key along the way, I even had to make a new 
 key. To make a long story short, it all worked out and I improved the 
 action from Jane's version. I did stick with her adapted colemak layout, 
 but I used an exacto-knife to trim the rubber left on the keys in 
 awkward places that sort of jammed the action. Then, I lost my "f-ing" F 
 key, so I grabbed a plastic hook used in hanging socks at retail stores 
 and hand machined it into a replacement key. It has better action than 
 some keys that came stock, so I consider it a success. You can see for 
 yourself. It took about 20 mins to make the key from basically scratch. 
 I also had to make a corresponding rubber nub so the key would actually 
 press, which I did with the same silicone I used to fix the other keys 
 in place. Now I did scratch some of the keys when I was scraping the 
 fabric paint off the back which is visible from the front, but that 
 doesn't concern me that much.

 Now my gears are turning and I might even try to make a replacement 
 keyboard out of a credit-card and spare plastic with a silicone backing.

 Please give me some amount of hacker props so I feel legitimized as 
 well as encouraged to continue.

 By the way I used Jane's account to upload the pictures.

 By the way, Hilariously enough I still have not changed the software to 
 reflect this new keymap. To do later, I guess.

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