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Thu Sep 1 14:43:39 EDT 2011

>>>>> "KIMURA" == KIMURA Masaru <hiyuh.root at> writes:

> Hi,
>>>>> or, should I use xburst_stage{1,2}.bin from deb file you
>>>>> mentioned?
>>>> yes. try the latest deb xburst_stage{1,2},
>>> but it doesn't work... :(
>> Hmm, did you say gentoo/PPC as in *PowerPC* ?
>> PowerPC is big-endian, I'd guess that xburst-tools are not
>> endianess-safe?  Might have to add a few instances of htonl() htons()
>> throughout the source...
>> 困ったなあ。

> yes, my gentoo is running on powerpc mac mini, the lost technology by
> apple.  I also suspect endian related bug.

BTW htonl() and htons() are no-ops on big-endian, so that tip of mine is
nonsense :)

As a workaround for now, you could try to (cross-)compile a (statically
linked) version of usb-boot for x86 or mipsel (or armel/armeabi), and
just launch it via qemu-i386 resp. qemu-mipsel.  These qemu-commands do
user-space emulation, i.e. simulate a CPU and just pass syscalls to your
PPC system.  This way, they will also pass all the syscalls that access
the USB bus, and I guess this will suffice to make usbboot work.


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