ASEprite Controls?

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Thu Sep 1 14:53:02 EDT 2011

 On Thu, 01 Sep 2011 19:58:47 +0200, jirka wrote:
> Hello,
> try to use F1, F2, F3 as mouse buttons.
> Jiri Brozovsky
> On Thu, 01 Sep 2011 20:36:19 +0400, cenobyte at wrote:
>> I was having some trouble, or so I thought, with the latest Image.
>>  First of all, the reflash script did nothing for me. So I did it 
>> the
> way
>>  I always have, manually with usbboot. After I had finished, I tried 
>> to
>>  reboot my Nano with it still plugged into the usb port and I got a
>>  kernel panic. I figured it was done wrong because of the cable or
>>  something and was going to try the new LibreWRT, but this morning I 
>> put
>>  a battery in my Nano and it booted up fine.
>>  Anyways, First I must say that the mouse emulator in ASEprite is
>>  AWESOME! It does not lack in any way. However, I can't seem to 
>> click
>>  with any button...What am I supposed to press to click?
>>  Thanks to all you at Qi who made this possible

 I know, I found a short manual on the Application page. Thanks.

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