ASEprite Controls?

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Thu Sep 1 14:50:25 EDT 2011

>>>>> "cenobyte" == cenobyte  <cenobyte at> writes:

> Anyways, First I must say that the mouse emulator in ASEprite is
> AWESOME! It does not lack in any way. However, I can't seem to click
> with any button...What am I supposed to press to click?

You should bookmark our Applications wiki page:

Has some info on ASEprite usage (and all the other software that comes
with nanonote).

BTW when starting a new topic on the mailinglist, please send a _new_
mail, not a reply to an older mail, merely changing the subject.  My
mailreader now sorts this mail into the "Re: on
gentoo/~ppc" thread as it is marked as a reply to that mail.


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