sample files of Allegro Sprite Editor

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Thu Sep 1 16:06:36 EDT 2011

>>>>> "cenobyte" == cenobyte  <cenobyte at> writes:

> Thanks SO much to David Kueling for bringing this powerhouse to the
> Nanonote!  here are 2 very quickly created files to show what I have
> been doing with the program thus far (had it for about 5 hours
> now). Enjoy and all content was made exclusively with Nanonote!


This is absolutely cool, you got even animation working.  Still think
the emulation is so good, after  spending many hours with it?  What
about the mouse speed?  Making it go faster might make you more
productive and keep your thumbs from hurting.

These constants are hard to tune without long-time trial.


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