ben-time-set Prelim.

Freemor freemor at
Thu Sep 1 21:32:11 EDT 2011

Hi Everyone,

I'm getting back to the regular grind now and as such have some preliminary work done on a ben-time-set script that will make setting the time and date on the NanoNote a lot less painful for then non-technical user. It's early days yet but I wanted to post what I had as I have already used it myself several times. Sadly the setting of the timezone is not yet functional as I'm trying to figure out the least painful way to present the 395ish choises to the user.

you can find my current work at:  - for just the script

or - for the tarball

right now just the script will do. As things progress The tarball and (hopefully) .ipk package
will be a better choice.

I signed up for an account on the Developer server but couldn't see here to start a project. Once
I get that sorted I'll put ben-time set and otherthings there


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