labsw: first prototype pictures

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Sep 5 05:09:28 EDT 2011

Cristian Paul Pe?aranda Rojas wrote:
> I cant wait to see it wired to something ... :-)

That shouldn't be long :-)

This is what it looks like with a face plate:

The face plate still has a few issues, though. One is that I used
the wrong diameter for the banana jacks holes. The other is that I
got some ugly milling errors in the rectangular holes for the buttons:

They're caused by the paths being issued in the wrong order, which
makes the mill cut the holes last, after cutting the outline. At
that time, the board is only held by the bit of adhesive tape still
left under it, and moves around. This produces those weird rounded

The odd thing is that cameo (the program that calculates the tool
paths) knows about such things and takes extra care to do the
outline last. Still searching ...

Ah, and the "real" face plate will be non-conductive. Unclad FR4 for
now, some plastic once I have time to research these things a bit.
I'm just burning through some old pertinax PCBs for the experiments.

- Werner

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