labsw: first prototype pictures

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Sep 5 11:42:32 EDT 2011

Cristian Paul Pe?aranda Rojas wrote:
> I cant wait to see it wired to something ... :-)

Thy wish is my command :-) But first, a shiny new front plate. This
time made of unclad FR4:

Next, the whole front assembly, mounted but not yet connected to
the PCB:

This is roughly where all the wires go (a few were mis-routed):

This is what the whole contraption looks like with the box closed:

And here it is switching power to a blue LED:

The orange-looking LED is really red to the human eye. The orange
is something my camera invented.

The relays work quite well. The opto-coupler outputs are having
difficulties with the current that crawls through the pull-ups.
Some are fine, but some don't turn off completely. This is easy
to fix, though.

Next, teach the firmware a few more tricks.

- Werner

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