Upcoming Milkymist-related events

Sébastien Bourdeauducq sebastien at milkymist.org
Tue Sep 6 14:45:03 EDT 2011

2011-09-15, New York, Milkymist One demonstration at Open Hardware Summit
The Milkymist One video synthesizer will be shown as part of the demo 
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2011-09-17, Warsaw, VJ installation with Milkymist One at the Creative 
Commons Summit party
The Milkymist One will be used live on stage during the sets of Masala 
(orient music mixed with electronic) and polish poetic abstract band Usta.
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2011-09-22, Minsk, Milkymist One showcase at Live Performers Meeting
LPM offers a unique chance to be involved in four days of av 
performances, vjing, workshops, panel discussions, product showcase 
which will bring together an amazing community of vjs, audiovisual 
artists, new media practitioners and thinkers worldwide.
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2011-10-01, Berlin, Interactive visuals workshop with Milkymist One and 
Join us in Berlin to enjoy the best of the Milkymist and Arduino worlds. 
We will teach you how you can make the Milkymist One and the Arduino 
talk together to create interactive video installations. If you do not 
have those devices, there will be a limited quantity available for 
lending at the workshop.
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2011-10-09, Grenoble, How to design logic synthesis and place-and-route 
While many researchers and engineers agree that several obstacles stem 
from the proprietary tools of the FPGA vendors, writing an alternative 
from scratch has always been perceived to be far too complex of a task. 
This perception comes largely from the lack of generic knowledge about 
the internals of a synthesis and place-and-route tool and the absence of 
published details regarding particular FPGA architectures and bitstream 
formats. In order to encourage the development of alternative tools, we 
will attempt to shed some light on these concepts and give hints about 
how the Xilinx Spartan-6 architecture and bitstream format work and how 
they could be fully understood.
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2011-10-15, Berne, Software development workshop on the Milkymist SoC 
platform at 0sec
TBA / http://0x736563.org

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