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Thu Sep 8 19:55:33 EDT 2011

 On Thu, 8 Sep 2011 19:15:58 -0300, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> cenobyte at wrote:
>> I would just need to find a thin thing for the metal sheet
>> replacement.
> I think the purpose of the metal sheet is simply to keep the
> keyboard from falling out. So any material that doesn't break may
> do the job. Doesn't have to have the elasticity of steel.
>> Are the details of the keyboard somewhere in the
>> schematics?
> Only the electrical connections:
>> What are the details on how it is machined? Is anyone
>> else interested in an alternate keyboard?
> I'm following your exploits with great interest. I think it will
> be important to have keyboard-making skills in the future, i.e.,
> to be able to make customized / application-specific variants of
> the Ya (maybe the Ben, too, although it has that function keys
> row that gets a little in the way of a clean design.)
> Those keys would have to be machined "cleanly", so the
> distinctive DIY look of your designs would be lost. But the
> mechanical principles you're discovering would still apply.
>> Secondly, what material might I use to make a face-plate for the
>> Ben? what is on there now is some type of metal?
> Do you mean the ~7 x 70 mm strip near the latch ? I think you
> can just pry this one off. By doing so, you'll deform it such that
> it won't look good if you try to put it back.
> But you could then probably glue some plastic sheet with your
> design imprinted, lasered, etc., to the spot instead. Or maybe try
> a thin metal sheet (they sell them on rolls - it's probably not
> too hard to straighten a piece) and engrave/laser/imprint/etch/...
 OK, good, I was thinking I was some kind of weirdo. I was thinking that 
 an old credit card would work for the key "framework" though it may be 
 too thick actually. I think I may be able to get some tiny beads at a 
 craft store that may be the right size or close enough. as for making a 
 silicone sheet like the official keyboard features,  I'm not sure. But I 
 may not need it.

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