Some new art

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Fri Sep 9 16:32:55 EDT 2011

 Hello everyone,
 I have been evaluating ASE on the Ben and have been making small quick 
 pieces. I hope you enjoy them and are encouraged in some small way to 
 know that they were all made with nothing more than the Ben and 2 
 thumbs. Maybe the ones I called "wallpapers" can even make it into the 
 next image as presets...of course only if they are good enough. David, 
 you were right my thumbs do hurt now, I'm not sure how to fix it? Maybe 
 I can make a new keyboard out of rubber instead of hard plastic... 
 anyways it doesn't matter much, this is a big step for us. Tell what you 
 think...  (BTW this is a tribute 
 to Alex4 the game)

 I have not submitted scene files (.ase), but if anyone wants them just 
 msg me. This is a HUGE step up from AEWAN, I think the images will make 
 that clear!

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