A few humble requests to think about (BEN)

cenobyte at dragoncrypt.com cenobyte at dragoncrypt.com
Fri Sep 9 16:40:02 EDT 2011

 On Fri, 09 Sep 2011 17:22:38 +0200, David Kuehling wrote:
>>>>>> "cenobyte" == cenobyte  <cenobyte at dragoncrypt.com> writes:
>> Since we have Alex4, which is totally cool and addictive, I thought
>> someone could add BurgerSpace, also very fun.  On the more serious
>> side, it would be extremely cool to have CSound on the Ben, an audio
>> programming language.
> AFAIR CSound uses floating point math throughout, so that won't run 
> at a
> very usable performance on the Ben.
> There are some text-based MIDI file generators, that may work better
> (Werner suggested one, some time ago) With liballegro we already have 
> a
> working software-synth midi synthesizer that works well on the Ben 
> (the
> allegro-demo uses that one).  Somewhere under /usr/bin/allegro (?) 
> there
> should also hide the 'exmidi' command-line example midi player that
> comes with liballegro.
> cheers,
> David

 AFAIK CSOUND is a compiled language, so you write code, then compile it 
 and then hear it. Even if we have to emulate FPU, it does not have to 
 run in real-time so it may work, even if it is slow. I think the later 
 versions are better, but maybe if it took this we could even try an 
 older version with perhaps less requirements. I remember reading 
 somewhere (hold on, I'll find it... here are the system requirements for 
 an old 2004 version on Mac from the site   

 System Requirements

 Any Power Macintosh computer
     (Email the maintainer if you need 68K Mac support).
 System 7.1 through 9.2.2 (not recommended for Mac OS X)
 A minimum of 1600K free memory (10-32MB recommended)
 2MB of disk space for Csound
 Audio input port for real-time audio in

 Of course I know the Ben is different, but if you yourself pulled of 
 Allegro Sprite Editor, I'm sure you would know how to get this going. If 
 not, that's cool too though. I'll look into that MIDI thing. Thanks

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