New Nanonote keyboard

cenobyte at cenobyte at
Sat Sep 10 21:56:41 EDT 2011

 Emboldened by my success with the minor rebuild of my nanonote 
 keyboard, I have got a crazy idea. Why not try to make one from scratch? 
 I am in a unique position because unlike normal mechanical keyboards, 
 which could never be machined by hand, the Nanonote keyboard is actually 
 rather simple. After searching for pre-existing key materials, I settled 
 on modeling clay as a test material. I rolled the stuff out with a 
 rolling pin, then used a plain kitchen knife to cut the right sized 
 squares. I measured 8mm long by 7mm tall for each key and about 1mm 
 thick. The first 2 batches were too thick, but in time I will probably 
 get that down to a more thin sheet. Since I could not find a spare 
 credit card for the backing, I sunk to using cardboard. To adhere the 
 keys to the back and to each other, I used my old standby fabric paint 
 (not as smelly as silicone). After that dries, I still need to add 
 nipples on the back for the keys to have reasonable action. We'll see 
 how it goes. Here are the pics of so far. BTW, I know I'm crazy.

 You may be interested, or this may oddly anger you. It seems a little 
 unimportant and frivolous even to me right now, but let me know that you 

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