labsw: real-life use and overview page

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Sep 11 14:07:48 EDT 2011

During the last week, I used my Lab Switch to run power-cyling tests on
Milkymist One. The objective was to better understand the properties of
a NOR corruption we had observed in manual testing, and to validate the
fixes or work-arounds we have devised.

The tests confirmed several of our hypotheses. So far, they did not
yield a conclusive result for the work-arounds, because the NOR
corruption failed to re-appear in what should have been a final set of
tests without all the countermeasures. To be continued ...

A log of the testing process, along with some technical details on
controlling M1 over JTAG, can be found here:

Last but not least, I made an overview page for the Lab Switch:

Coming next: I'm in the process of fixing some flaws of the Lab Switch
and of tightening the BOM by replacing parts from local sources with
parts from Digi-Key. Once this is done, I'll make a new version that
should then also be buildable anywhere else on the planet.

- Werner

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