Rasmus Wikman rasmus.wikman at
Mon Sep 12 18:47:36 EDT 2011

On 13 sep 2011, at 00.37, Sébastien Bourdeauducq wrote:

> On 09/12/2011 11:31 PM, Rasmus Wikman wrote:
>> Because I couldn't find out if the processor was completely free from
>> patents like the open cores project is. Is it?
> There's nothing that tells you the same about OpenRISC. As a matter  
> of fact, OR is closer to MIPS (which is a patent mine) than LM32 is.  
> Anyway, I challenge the patent-ability of *HDL source code.
> Further, if you choose OR for anything that needs the slightest bit  
> of performance, then your project is headed for technical failure.
> (There has been recent efforts in this direction by some OR  
> developers, but nothing conclusive yet)

Alright! I must say that I'm not really traversed in designing  
processor cores, I just drew the conclusion that with ORSoC backing  
the project with a clear goal in mind and with a huge community it  
could in time become something.

So which article is more recent? At least there has been some updates  
as late as August this year on the project page.

But anyhoo, it doesn't really matter, my main goal is to find a good  
solution for a simple computer that hobbyists, geeks, artists and  
(especially) school kids can tamper with.

Arduino has been such a huge success and I think it would serve the  
community well to have a similar setup but with a "real" computer and  
coding done in JavaScript (because there are such extreme amounts of  
samples and tutorials thanks to it's popularity).

Would you say MilkyMist could be used for that purpose?


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